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It is clear to us women (and to tell the truth not only to us): the breast is the part of the female body that more than anyone else manages to draw attention to it, for various reasons, of men and women. Each one of us dreams of a full and firm breast for as many different reasons. Often, however, our decolté is not always as we would have liked, and for years we thought that the only valid solution was the very expensive and not always resolute surgical procedures.

But from today there is, even in Italy a very valid alternative, cosmetic surgery is no longer the only possibility to have the much sought after breast as a star.

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Of course, those of us who have not been helped by mother nature will certainly have thought about it at least a couple of times in life, especially when we wanted to wear a certain dress, or when we saw our man's gaze dwelling on the abundance of other women.

You'll certainly be surprised to know that you can shape your breast and earn some size thanks to the new and fantastic invisible bra Fly Bra!

We, who have tried it personally, have been amazed by the "capabilities" of this silicone bra and we wanted to make this article to share with you our satisfaction and to ensure that finally there is a fast, cheap and effective alternative to surgery to have a breathtaking breast.


The invisible Fly Bra silicone bra is a kind of lifting device to wear.

Thanks to its innovative adjustable silicone cups, it is able to give the breast an effective natural shaping that gives it a perfect sumptuous shape while remaining invisible under the clothes, for a surprising, elegant and natural result.

Silicone cups without shoulder straps make it invisible even under the most transparent and soft clothes, as well as those with detached or exposed shoulders.

Common bras often tighten and excoriate the skin. Fly Bra supports the breast in a gentle but decisive way without leaving marks.

Fly Bra is a silicone bra suitable for all sizes and any breast shape, designed to offer comfort and shaping without creating discomfort.

The invisible Fly Bra silicone bra gives the breast a perfect shape by hiding any kind of defect. Once worn, it makes the breast visibly more lifted and larger.

Since they are made of high-quality silicone, it does not cause allergic reactions.

Here are the visible effects when you wear the fantastic Fly Bra:

It would be advisable to wear the invisible Fly Bra bra immediately after the shower or on clean and dry skin as the silicone with which the cups are made, adheres better to clean skin (this could avoid oils and creams that leave an oily patina on the skin).

Remove the films placed inside the cups and place a cup on each breast, pressing gently to make it adhere to the desired position.

Use the central laces to give your breast the shape you prefer.

After use it is advisable to wash the silicone bra with warm soapy water and soap, letting it dry without exposing it to direct sunlight, after which apply the protective films inside the cups to prevent them from drying and no longer succeeding in adhering to the skin.

We bought Fly Bra to test it and carry out this review and we were able to benefit from a discount, still active at 50% on the list price and therefore only 49 Euro instead of 98 Euro.

The Fly Bra bra can be ordered quickly on the official Fly Bra site by filling in the simple order form with the little data required and waiting for the call of the operator with whom you will have to define all the details for the shipment. After that you will receive the product in a few days and directly to the address indicated in the order. The product must be paid in cash at the time of delivery by the courier.

Fly Bra

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